Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Genie Genie in the bottle~~



1) Super Show 3 concert + Fan meeting = Meet SUPER JUNIOR (MAIN PRIORITY NOW!!!)

No Other MV screen capture

2) Trip to Korea

Note: Again, my biggest wish of all is my success academically and life. This wish list is more to material wish. ( I need to write this because some people won’t get it.)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

~~Best gifty~~

언ㄴㅇ허세 요
My birthday was few days ago. So now I want to show the best birthday gift for this year. Well, it is always from my parents. Winks.

1) Sony Walkman Mp3 – NWZS540

This is one from my wish list. My dad just bought it for me today (this blog was written on 1st of August). I’m so lovin’ it. Now, my Ms.Pinky (my Sony Cybershot camera) already has a new friend. I call it Mr.Pinky. Yeah, it’s pink. Hehe. I purposely look for the same color as my camera.

2) Super Junior Bonamana Repackage Album.

Finally, after a week arrives at my home, I can see this album with my very own eyes. This CD is from me. I bought it online. Yeah, it always be my tradition (since I know how to use money) to buy a gift to myself for my birthday. So this year, it is this. Since I know Super Junior, I become addicted to them. Haha. I don’t care what people might said with this new addiction. So, this album comes with poster. Guess what, the poster is in tube. Meaning, it’s not folded. No pic for the poster, though. I left it in my dad’s car. Grr.

So that’s it.
Till then.

p/s: Will update more about the gifts sooner or later.


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