Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

~Sudah Kembali~

Dengan ini saya mengumumkan bahawa saya sudah balik ke kolej dan secara rasminya saya dapat Blok K (blok paling ujung) di tingkat 2.. nasib baik....actually tingkat satu sbb atas ground floor je... hhuhuhu... roomate saya Rossa... terkezut gak la.. cos expect Alin.. tapi takpe.. Rossa pun Rossa la... well Rossa ni merupakan satu watak baru dalam blog saya... so korg tak kenal pun die... huhuu.. (mcm la korg knal Alin kan.. :P)... diriku baru je lepas kemas barang... mlm ni amik kad makan... diriku igt tak dpt kemudahan makan sem ni.. sbb sem lepas kena apply... tp die limit gaji parents RM2500.. so saya pun tak apply td org tu mcm pelik saya tak dpt. huhuhu.... sy tak kesah pun.. sy bukan mkn kat dining selalu pun.. hahahaha.... tp tgk la macam mana mlm ni... pic nanti2 la diriku letak.. malas nak snap lagi.. hehe.. nak duk ngumpat2 dulu.. k la.. byby.. luv yu all...mwahhh

Sunday, December 28, 2008

~My GG(Gossip Girl) collection~

hye there... meet again.. hehe... i want to show this... my bunch of GG collection... actually there is one more... but i left at my aunt's home in KL. :((... i will retrieve it back later... huhuhu.... i told ya.. i'm addict to GG...


hye there... erm.. diriku amat penat sekali... yela.. tadi duk packing barang utk balik kolej esok.. ya 
ampun.. banyak skali barang gue dech... hahaha... kalau tgk.. mcm dh tanak blik umah dh... well.. thats me... main bwk je ape yg i bwk sem lepas... pastu kat sane baru sort out.. hahahaha.... 
adoila.. duk blok mane la ni?? huhuhuhu... sem depan satu kehidupan baru untuk i!! kehidupan macmmana?? nanti i bgtau k.. tunggu!!!!... hehehe.. k la.. see u in the next entry.. mwahhh....

lihatla barang2ku ini... ini pun ada 2 buah beg lagi tak masuk.. hehehe


okayy... i  watched titanic just now.. its not like i dunt watch it b4... but the fact is.. today is the 1st time i really understand the history of titanic... i was watching titanic a long time ago.. without any subtitle... how can i understand wht happen.. but today.. i really did... and today i realise how arrogant are human being...

its the fact the titanic sunk bcoz of the iceberg.... but it will never crashed if the human not being such arrogant...they keep telling Titanic is an unsinkable ship... but they are really wrong...

okay... after watch it.. i google sum of titanic fact.. and yeah.. most of it just like the movie... but about Jack and Rose, i'm not sure about tht.. might be a fictional one or maybe they really exist...

back to topic... the captain has been warned about the iceberg... but with his arrogant inner... he abandon tht warn and command the crew to make the ship even faster.... but then when the ship knock on the iceberg... nothing more they can do.. the ship is to fast to turn other way round... then thats it...

its and old story... but human being still the same.. never take any lesson from tht incident.. the same thing happen all over again this coming years... all the disaster coming bcoz of the arrogance... bcoz of the selfishness... 

i got an info most of the survivals comes from the rich family... do the lower class family don't deserve to live... i'm crying watching the movie.. not bcoz of Rose and Jack unfulfill love.. but i'm crying bcoz theres the fact from 1'500 who are jump into the water from the ship (not included for those who are already on the boat).. only 6 of them survive... the rest think back.. if human not be so arrogant tht time... this thing won't happen... even for now... 

Friday, December 26, 2008

~Dinner Wif Pizza Hut..emmmm ;)~

today for dinner is Pizza Hut.. emm.. best..

i yg tolong orderkan tadi.. so cm biasa la.. kalau i fave pizza is Hawaiian Chicken and Super Supreme... best...

actually smlm lagi my mum die nak makn pizza i pun sama.. but since kitorg tak kuar smlm so terpaksa lupakan je la... nak order delivery i tak reti plak.. so tadi kebetulan g Giant kat sane ada pizza.. my dad plak duk sibuk tanye nak makan ape.. i ckp je la nak mkn pizza... oklah tu.. kalau tak i kena makan Mihun Goreng je... hehehe...


actually bukan shopping mane pun tadi.. heehehe... saje je wat title tu..

today i amik my spek yg baru buat ari isnin ari tu...

and then pegi beli barang2 utk dibawa balik ke kolej nanti..
sempat gak la beli Eyeliner and Compact Powder baru.. hehehehe..
Compact Powder i ade lagi sbnrnye... tp yg baru tu nak buat spare kat bilik.. yg lagi satu nak bwk pegi kelas.. hehehe.. paham2 je la.... barang2 lain beli Shower Gel,Shampoo, bedak,ubat gigi... and byk lagi la.. hehe.. k la.. see u in the next post...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

All about the Desktop

Post a picture of your desktop
( Press PRINTSCREEN on your keyboard,Open PAINT,Press CTRL+V [ or paste ] Click save )

1. How many folders do you have on your desktop?

2.How many application do you have on your desktop?
15 kot... dlm desktop la... kalau kat tmpt lain byk lagi

3.MAC or Windows?
- windows!

4.If windows,what version?
- Windows Vistam Premium 32-bit...

5.Do you have games on your desktop?
-mestila adeee...

6.Which one do you usually play?
- CSI la... fave game tuu

7.What is your most used application?
- of course la SecondLife ,Firefoz and YM

8.Do you have MOZILLA FIREFOX and INTERNET EXPLORER on your desktop?
- both ade la

9.Describe your wallpaper and screensaver
-wallpaper twilight cos recently ni rasa dunia ni all about twilight ngn edward cullen je.. hahahaha... my ScreenSaver sume pic2 my family... bcoz I love My FamIlY la...

a. Cik Ha @ Miss NEddy
b.Cik Ann @ Miss Anggerek
c. Along @ Miss AIna

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

~Tag from Cik Ha aka Neddy~

1. Snap picture of both inner and outer side of ur wallet

2. Introduce your wallet brand, price and where you bought it..
i dunt knw wht the brand cos its look like a typical one.. huhuhu..

3. Take out whatever is inside ur wallet

4. snap picture of your wallet with yourself
takde maknnya..

I nk tag
along tasha
sis ammie
sis delinda
sis zeti
and sesape je rase nak buat ni.. ty..

~My Celebrity Look ALike~

~two different pic with two different look alike.. :P~

~My New Addiction~

okay... i just watch the movie once.. and i am kinda addict to it.. i love this movie... and i love Edward Cullen so muchhh... hahaha... so apart of Gossip Girl i think i have my new addiction...

**i guess most of my money will be spent for the Twilight book soon**

~Our SengalNess~

lihatla kami ini.. sangatla sengal kan.. takpe2... kesengalan kami ini la yang merapatkan kami... jgn jeles tau....

~Ieka Cute!!~

now its my turn to post some of Ieka's pic in my blog.. njoyy...



~car wash!!~

saje2 je snap this pic...

my bro is washing the car.. :P

~Neddy & Anggerek special dishes~

... during Raya Haji.. me,Along Aina, Cik Ha and Cik Ann stay at Cik Nor's home at Bukit Serdang... Cik Nor was not there tho... shes back to Kelate...

so we like need to do everything by ourselves... since there are lot of 'daging' coming my aunts planning to cook...

the menu are:

Telur Dadar
Udang Masak Kunyit
Daging Masak Kicap
Tomyam Campur Neddy's and Anggerek Style....

okay... bout the Tomyam Campur thingy.. theres a story behind it...
actually they want to cook "Singgang Daging" (actually i dunt really sure about the "singgang" spelling.. :P)... so they find the recipe in the internet... but they cant follow the recipe.. so they call my Mama (my grandma)... still they cant cope with tht... the Singgang thingy endup to become a soup... huhuhu... at last they put 'daun serai' and the dish become a Tomyam.. the funny thing is... i never found any tomyam which had 'asam gelugor' in it... but FYI.. the Tomyam is kinda tasty.. credit shud be given to them... hehehe....

Faces Of Happiness :)

as promised... this is some of the pic for wht i've doing this past few weeks in KL.. njoyyy...


okay.. since Along Aina need to perform for the opening ceremony so we've been them to support her.. (even she cant see us).. :P...



this is some pic during Ieka's birthday party... we all like wearing pinky... hehehe...



after Raya Haji celebration Cik Ann still got one xtra leave... so b4 sending
Along Aina to the campus at Uitm Shah Alam.. we kinda 'jalan-jalan' at Plaza Alam Sentral 1st...


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