Monday, November 30, 2009

Bowling moment & Dog Chase<3<3

so here is the update for the 2nd day of Hari Raya Aidiladha.
and again instead of watching people 'sembelih' the cows,

we are like ' sembelih' our money for bowling.

well thats us.

we play bowling for 3 games
and guess what, i lose all three...

but i dont mind at all bcoz i played just for fun and to release my tense..

after bowling, we walk around the mall and there...!!!
me and Along Aina bought a new shoes.

the shoes is quite cute.

after done with tht, and before back home,
we went to mamak restaurant for our dinner..
the Nasi Lemak is quite okayla..

then we back to our house..

okay so here is the funny part...

when we arrive at home,
we are like 'melepak' outside of the house

tht time, we saw 5 dogs wandering around the park in front of the house..
we just ' buat bodoh' at first..

while busy making video call wif our relatives at KG,
suddenly Along Aina quickly rush into the car (thank god its unlock)..

i was kinda blur that time..
then i saw the dogs are like coming towards us..
i'm the last person who get into the car..

just imagine 5 people in the back of myVi car..
nothing bad happenning tho.. but we all like very scare due to the incident.. heheeeh...

i think thats it...

p/s: check out my new blog b/ground.. gv comment..

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Raya Aidiladha 1st Day <3<3

i know its kinda late to say Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.

okay as last year, i celebrated Aidiladha at my aunt's house in Serdang.

the 1st plan shud be me celebrating it at my kampung
but then since my besties cousins are all not going back to Kelate,
so i decided to come to KL.

its sort of last minute decision tau. but i'm happy.

so what did i do at the 1st day of Aidiladha??

while everyone is so busy 'sembelih lembu',
me and all my luvlies when to Jaya Jusco Equine Park.

what else we do there if its not shopping.

there is a sales until Jan 2010.
all are up to 50%-70% off.
i bought new jeans. weee.

nothing much happening other than shopping.. shopping and shopping.
till then

p/s: everyone was like 'korban' the cows during Aidiladha, be we all are like 'korban' our money.. doesnt matter tho coz we are happy..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009





~Keep Myself Updated (Part 4)~~

so 2 days after i went to The Curve with my DarlingSweethearts,
we went to One Utama (since my bro already know the route to Damansara.. hehehe)...

we went there purposely for bowling..
3 games straight..
i lose the game tho..
and the bad thing is i hurt my hand too..
due to lack of practice(i didnt play bowling for a long time.. huhuhu..)
it doesnt matter we just played for fun..

after that we are like 'tawaf'' OU.. hahaha which we cant make it to 'tawaf' the whole OU..

nothing much to say in this update.. just tht since its just a short hangout...

current mood: NEW MOON fever.... gahhh...

i really cant wait for my next date with Edward Cullen...

for the time being.. i just tried to finish up my New Moon novel b4 watching the movie.. ngeee..
thats is for now... chiao bella~~~

~~end of 'Keep Myself Updated topixx...~~

p/s: to my honeybunch and my sugarplum, Nadia Hanim and Fatin Suhana really cant wait to hangout with both of u.. love ya~~~

Friday, November 20, 2009

~~Keep MySelf Updated (Part 3)~~

just a short one here..
here's the part 3

last Tuesday (17 November)..
Me, Along Aina + wif my brother off to The Curve..
Actually my brother didnt really know the route to The Curve
but we manage to reached there safely.. ngee

we went there for movie.. (yeah.. movie again).. ngee
we watched 2012.. very satisfying.. love the movie..
love the effect.. love the storyline... huhuhu..
dont want to talk much about the movie tho
coz i know all of u already know bout it..huuhu

after movie... again went to RedBox for 3 hours karaoke..
really had fun this time.. ngee..

nothing much to say this time.. just the fact tht i had fun with them..

next post is about our hangout at One Utama.. stay tuned...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

~~Keep MySelF Updated (Part 2)~~

yuhuu again.. so here comes part 2..
its all about my sleepover with muh cuzzies + aunt at KL Plaza Suite
which is situated in front of Pavillion.. cool huh...
Went there on 13th Nov until 15th Nov..

The first day which is on the 13th@Friday the 13th...
check in as usual.. got a lil' prob here and there..
then check on the room... well quite comfortable la.. love it...

the best thing is we can see Pavillion from our room..

nothing much happening that day since when we got there its already late night..

the next day.. after woke up from a soundless sleep (due to the relief since exam had ended)..

as usual bathing then went to Pavillion to buy movie tickets for Pisau Cukur..
on feet to BB Plaza-Sungei Wang then Low Yat.. 3 hours karaoke at Redbox..
Later that nite... went out again for movies (Pisau Cukur)..

the movie is okla...
love Fazura in the movie.. Oh My Dior... Panas! ngee..
and guess what... there is a cute guy in the movie.. i think he is a newcomer... actually he is a theatre's writer... his name is Shahredza Minhat.. huhuhu.. in that movie he played Faqir.. and he wear braces.. love it...cumil je.. ngee...

after movie.. going to 'makan-makan' then back to our suite.. huhuhu...

on 15th after check out went to Serdang..

thats all for part 2... part 3 coming soon.. daa~~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

~~Keep MyseLf Updated (Part 1) ~~

~~moment that we had b4 the exam ended~~

finally i get my mood back to update this blog..
trust me..
this lately i was like so 'malas' to update this blog..
no idea maa..

but for this one..
got a lot stuff to say..

yayy... finally the exam has ended and now i'm on holiday
the best thing is i'm gonna have my practical training for next semester..
means that wont have to study anymore for diPloma..
but sadly, i'm gonna be apart from my friends..
Sem 5 @ Part 5 is the best semester ever..
especially will all my friends..
hope our friendship will still blossom till the end of time..
about the exam:
i think its just ok...
just need to take 4 papers this semester..
the worst paper of all is of course la Network.. (easily to say that its a nightmare.. grr)
the rest is cool..
i dunt mind for not getting 4.00 this semester..
but i really hope + wish i still get deanlist this semester..
dear god.. help me plzz...

thats all for part 1.. see ya..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 8 Overview..

hey there..

nothing much to write here.. just some pic and a vid from last Monday Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 8..

b4 there.. here what you should know bout what happen last episode.. (ALERT: SPOILER!!!)

Chuck and Blair have yet to get nakies .Nate tries to be naughty. Serena is a prostitute, and so is Blair's new friend Brandice. Vanessa reveals a scandal. Dan and Olivia are cute. Rufus, Lily and Jenny play Scrabble. And 26-year-old Tripp wins the election.

Want to know more... see it yourself.. =P

Pic from the episode

This is some scenes that i considered my fave scenes for this episode...


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