Saturday, May 30, 2009

Going Away~~

wont be in Malaysia for 2 weeks..

going to Umrah..

see u all after 2 weeks...

will be update bout my journey soon...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gossip Girl Season Finale - Chuck & Blair Moment.

hello there...

okay here the final update for today...

finally 2nd Season of Gossip Girl is finally over..

so sad coz i need to wait for next fall to watch for the next season.. gah..

okay here is some of the recap...

its graduation day for Constance Billiard and St.Jude...

i hate the robe tho.. green?? not so Gossip Girl..

but Serena really look beautiful..

nothing much to say bout the final episode..

just the fact that FINALL CHUCK SAYS I LOVE U TO BLAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love the way he tell Blair that during the ending part...

BLAIR :Why aren't you in europe?

CHUCK:I was in paris.But only to get your favorite macaroons.From pierre herm?

BLAIR:And germany?

CHUCK:To pick up your favorite falke stockings.You know how i adore them.

BLAIR:What are you doing here then?

CHUCK:You were right.I was a coward running away again.But everywhere i wentYou caught up with me.So i had to come back.

BLAIR:I want to believe you...But i can't.You've hurt me too many times.

CHUCK:You can believe me this time.

BLAIR:That's it?

CHUCK:I love you too.


BLAIR:But can you say it twice?(STILL KISSING).....No i'm serious. say it twice.

CHUCK:I love you...I love you. mm.There's three. four--i love you.

so sweet.. i almost crying tht time.. i love BLUCK couple..


Teacher oo Teacher


okay this time wanna post about Teacher's Day which already held like a week ago...

sorry for the late update for Teacher's Day...

but no worries.. at least i dunt 4get bout it..

i even wish to my mum, my aunts and my fav teacher Miss Naz.. wink~

hey its not like i totally forget bout the other teacher... but i dunno their number okay...

its gonna be a short one here... i just wanna list out some of my teacher that lead me to who i am rite now...


Standard 1 -
Teacher Faridah
Ustazah ???? ( i forgot her name but if i see her i sure can recognize her)
OMG!! i totally forgot a lot of my Standard 1 teacher.. blarghh

Standard 2 -
Miss Siti Suhaila
Miss Siti Khadijah
En. Mat ALi
who else??... ermm...
Pn Siti Asniza (i think thats her name)
who else.. ?? ermm... gah... i forgot the rest...

Standard 3 -
Pn Rosmawati
Miss Chong
Ustazah Siti Arfah
oh my...again i forgot

Standard 4

En Jaafar
En Abu
who teach BM??
Teacher Hanim
okay2.. who else Nadya... OMG!! why u forget ur teacher's name.. gah...

Standard 5 (my last few month in SKA :(() -

Pn Hajah Puteh
Pn Normah
Pn Nasriah
okay.. i admit it.. this time this is the only i remember... hahaha...


Standard 5
En Suhaimi
En Sharizul
En Faizul
En Rostam
Ustazah Rozilah

Standard 6
En Suhaimi again
En Sharizul again
Ustazah Rozilah again
En Ishak
Pn Mariani
Pn Rosnani

not forgetting my choir teacher Teacher Laili...

okay.. thats for Primary School..

now its High School or Secondary School or "Sekolah Menengah"

i skip SMK Seri Bentong.. just being there for 5 month


Form 1
BM= Miss Sharifah Azlina
BI= i think she is the Indian teacher which i forgot her name and Sir Saiful..
SC= Miss Puteri Nurul Dalia
GEO= i knw the teacher face.. but her name.. umm...
HISTORY= En Mazuki
PAI= Ustaz Saiful
ARABIC = Ustazah I'shqi

Form 2
BI= Sir Saiful
SC= Miss Putri
GEO= same teacher
HISTORY= same teacher
ARABIC= Ustazah Kamaliah or Ustazah I'shqi?? forgot.

Form 3-
BM= Pn Rina
BI= Miss Ezi
Sc= Miss Putri
GEO= Same teacher
HISTORY= Same teacher
Arabic= Ustazah Kamaliah

Form 4 (last year in MRSM)
BI= Miss Nazreen (my fave teacher)
EST= Pn Sunita
BIO= Mr Rahman
PHY= En Bu
CHEM = forgot his name
ADD MATH & MOD MATH= who is tht new teacher again...

thats it for MRSM.. hahaha still lot more that i forget.. gah!!!

oh yeah not forgotting my HOMEROOM teacher...

Pn Amalina
Cik Hasnah
Kak Su


Form 5

BM= Pn Azizah?? who is tht teacher name..
BI & EST= Pn Azora
BIO= Cik Faridah
PHY= Pn ROhana
CHEM= Teacher Lee Meng Si
HISTORY= Sir Saravana
PAI= who is that Ustazah.. Ustazah Noraini ek??
ADD MATH= Sir Phua
MOD MATH= Pn Fauziah (i think its her name)

whoa... suddenly i realise tht i already forgot about most of my teacher.. bad Nadya..

urghh.. i think thats all.. daa for now



so everyone already know that i've being to Langkawi last 2 weeks..

here the story of what happen while i'm there

for the 1st day we all like really excited... as for me its my 1st time.. wink~

i think i gonna skip it.

proceed to the biggest thing happen...

when we arrive at the chalet that we gonna stay..

we all being told that actually we are on BTN course..

OMG!!! hate it so much...

i already swear to myself wont attend such course anymore...

its not like the course is boring (sumtimes it does).. but i told u i hate politic....

okay2 proceed...

this BTN was okay...

but not really happening like the prev BTN i go..

maybe b4 this my BTN was with people that i dunno..

so everything is new...

people still dunno me...

dunt have to cover in term of speak just bcoz to take care of sum people heart....

plus its with the MPP

this one is with the student who CGPA are 3.5 above..

means all the clever students..

however even they are like so clever but their head is really demanding

including me of coz... :P:P..

since we think we have been cheated and being tricked to attend this course..

we demanded a lot of things... one of it is we wont let our handphone being taken....

BTN rules is we cant bring along any electronic device tht can be use as recording tool along.. dunno why theres a rules like tht

let me make it brief for this course....

1) its not that good as the previous BTN i attend.

Reason: No debating season...
The student always think wanna to end the course
no river-crossing like before..
still a lot more reason where i dont want to mention here...

okay... the last day i bought a lot of choc... all together cost to RM150... i just bought choc... i dunno how to buy other stuff...

i bought toblerone to Along Aina coz i knw she love it... hehehe

i think thats all about langkawi....see u in the next post.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

~Sneak Peak~

okay... its almost a week i'm back from Langkawi...

but i didnt update my blog yet since then...

okay... b4 i start with my long post....

here are some sneak peak what i'm gonna write the whole night tonight (hope so)

1) Langkawi@BTN Course

2) Teacher o Teacher

3)Gossip Girl Season Finale...

okay... thats is wht i can think for now... so stay reading...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

~Not around...~

i'm going to Langkawi for a trip

from 11-15 May...

see u after tht..

love ya

Friday, May 8, 2009

~Happy Mother's Day~

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up: To more than I can be.

There is no life - no life without its hunger;
Each restless heart beats so imperfectly;
But when you come and I am filled with wonder,
Sometimes, I think I glimpse eternity.



Thursday, May 7, 2009

~Pray for him...~

hey there...

yesterday.. i mean last nite... just got a disturbing news...

Afdhal dad was got in an accident...

it was kinda shocked... i was on my way back to Kuantan that time..

i'm really worried...

i care for him... he is a good brother,good friend and a good leader to me..

Afdhal is our Naib Yang Di-pertua MPP...

i'm very close to him... thats why i really care about him..

when i got the news... i called Liwau.. another MPP to ask bout him..

he said the accident was disaster... its kinda worse...

nothing i can do tht time.. just a prayers to Afdhal's dad

i hope Afdhal be strong and hoping.. i really really hoping everything going to be just fine...

thank god he just done with his final exam

dis morning i text him... he said tht his dad already woke up..

waiting to do an operation...

now he has woke up...

it reduce some of the worriness...

now gonna pray for the operation going to be just right...

to Afdhal: since the day we knw each other... i knw u can be strong.... u got all my prayers.... not only for ur dad... but for you and ur whole family....

not forgetting to Aien Airil too.... i hope ur cousin is going to be just fine...

and yeah .... weirdly... i got a lot of accident news yesterday..

and i've been thinking...

maybe its a warning from Above that we might did sumthing wrong this few days...

its not happen to me...

but its happen to people that close to me....

people tht i really care....

for the readers lets us pray for all these people... hoping that they going to be fine...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reminising the past

hello there...

another post here..

just now i saw sumthing that really make me miss my school life

Kate Leaney sent a message at my facebook telling me that she has uploaded our drama team pic..

awww.... miss the team so much...

i still remember i was in the drama team during form 4 while i'm still studying at MRSM MERSing...

our first drama is entitled "As We Like It"... the title was taken from one of Shakespeare's piece..

but the drama is not the same as Shakespeares'..

our "As We Like It" is the combination of all the disney fairytale...

if i'm not mistaken its start with sleeping beauty,then cindrella, rapunzel and cinderella again...

we combine it to make it interesting... not really remember about the drama storyline..

what i remember is tht time Wafi is the Prince Charming, Saadah is the Cinderella, Fizah is Rapunzel, i forgot who is the Sleeping Beauty... Izzah maybe... or maybe Fath.. yeah its Fath...

still a lot more... we have Afif,Nashriq,Ramzul bla..bla..bla... i play as the Wicked Witch in the play... they said i played well...

"As We Like It" Production Team

the next play is musical... well its for Southern Zone MRSM Language Week... it was held at MRSM Batu Pahat..

the theme that they set is musical.. and we choose to play the Grease... its really famous..

i think this is the most happiest moment.. i play as Violet Fontaine (the original suppose to be Vince Fontaine) and i'm also the sound enginner... its kinda important bcoz its musical play..

the best part is we need to sing all the song from Grease... i still memorize it until now...

Afif play as Danny Zuko
Fatin as Sandy

Yanti,Saadah,Fath,Izzah as the pink ladies

Nwa,Wafi,Syafiq,Naim as the T-bird..

Qayyum as our director

Asma as the principle

Ramzul our propmen and who is the jock guy that Sandy use to make Danny jealous?? i forgot his name..

thats all i can remember about the character... sorry if there is someone that i missed...

we not win the competition tho but we very happy coz we did our best...

oh yeay... its not fair if i dont tell ya who is our mentor rite... it Kate Leaney and Emma Newbatt...

they help us a lot especially with the dancing in Grease..

they are our mentor,our sister,our teacher and our inspiration...

thank Kate and Emma... hoping to see u both again...

well i think thats it for to reminisce my past during my drama team moment...

here are some pic of MRSM MERSING 2005 Drama Team

T-Birds and Pink Ladies in action

Hottie T-Birds

T-Birds in action

Mr Propman- Ramzul

Qayyum the Mr Director

Rizzo ( Izzah)- the specky Jan (yantie) - the closer view

The Pink Ladies

Miss Violet Fontaine and Mr Principle

"Grease" Production Team

Our Sandy and Danny

Finally Its Over

yuhuu... my final is finally over...

dunt ask me about my performance for my final..

i'll just say that i've tried my best.. wink2

well now am at mpp office..

jealousing everyone who still not done with their exam.. hahaha.. bad nadya

yeah... i'm still at UiTM...

weird?? still not back home?? hahaha..

yeah.. i ask my dad to fetch me tomo...

wif a lot of reason..

1st) need to settle some work at HEP..
2nd) still got a lot packing to do...

so maybe will be back home tomo evening... i dont want my dad to take his leave..

so i ask him to fetch me after he back from work.. huhuhu.. what a nice daughter he got here.. hahaha...

well wht else... i think thats it... we write again soon..

see ya lovey dovey...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

~money money money~

i think i owe u guys a post about someone who stole my money...

its happen awhile back..

b4 exam started..

well at first i dunt think this person stole my money..

yeah... i already discover that my money always lost..

but by tht time.. i never thought tht it was stole...

i'm a bit of clumsy girl... and im very good in dropping my money... sumtimes i misplaced it...

thats why i never ever thought it was being stole..

but its become worst after that...

its like everyday i lost my money...

b4 i forget... the money tht were missing b4 was like more than hundreds.. bcoz each time the money lost.. it is not less than RM50..

so try to imagine how much it is if the incident always happen...

okay proceed...

its like a month ago i realise tht my money is being stole...

why i think that??

bcoz its happen everyday...

and in the short duration...

what i mean is... b4 i went to toilet i check the money was still there.. but after i'm back from the toilet.. its gone...

same happen b4 and after i take a bath....

its bcome more clearer for me to knw who the stoler is when the person took the money 2 days in a row.... and in early morning at 6am.. which is the time when i usually take bath... uhuhuhu...

i guess u can guess it from here who take my money...

i wont tell u who... i want u to guess...

so gv me the answer...

Friday, May 1, 2009

~the current me...

By Kendra Castaneda

What a mystery love is,
I thought that it wouldn't happen again
But I was wrong
I'm here again writing
Writing about how I feel
I fell again
For a guy
This guy seems like no other I've met
I want to be more than just friends

I know that I just recently met you
But I can't help how you have made me feel
I have a bit of a crush on you
And that's all I got to say
Why did it happen?
I do not know
Do I regret it?
No I don't
I want to be a part of your life
And be someone special to you
I want to keep your hugs
And to stay at your side
Don't judge me for what I'm saying
But some how I find myself liking you
I don't know how it happened
But I do hope I can stay at your side
And on this day I say to you
I like you
And there's nothing I can do about it
I've tried not feeling this way
But I can't help it
So please let me stay at your side...


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