Friday, January 30, 2009

~Stupid Bitch~

just found out today.. a stupid fucking bitch is using my cousin piccy in her FS profile... so mad!!!!

urgh... hey bitch... go to hell la!!!

hate to write it..

for further story.. visit this blogs

Cik Ann
Cik Ha
Along Aina
Along Tasha-The pic OWNER

Monday, January 19, 2009


hey there.. whats up's??

sorry for the late update...
seems tht the Celcom Broadband coverage are bad from my room.. urghh.. damn..
i can't even access my blog.. i was like wanna throw it away.. but hell. no...

okayy... proceed..
what with the topic???
last nyte me and my friends watch the AJL final...
yeah.. our main purpose is to watch our Faizal Tahir...
just at the dining hall.. we had big screen in there.. and of course we had ASTRO..

what can i say the competition is very high..
all of them are very awesome..

here are some performance tht i would like to graded it as A

1) both Faizal Tahir song - Cuba + Sampai Syurga
2)Stacy- Aku Stacy
3)Estranged-Yang Pernah
4)Meet Uncle Hussein- Laguku Untukmu

and the closing performance which we had our 'Idola Kecil' finalist perform with Jac,M.Nasir and Jamal.. i love it so much... Wada looks so pretty.. and Haqiem is cute.. ahha...

as for the result..

this is my prediction...

Best Performance
Stacy-Aku Stacy

Best Vocal
Faizal Tahir - either Cuba @ Sampai Syurga

Ethnic Creative
Zahid + Heliza - Doa Dalam Lagu

Faizal Tahir- either Cuba @ Sampai Syurga

Pop Rock
Meet Uncle Hussein- Laguku Untukmu

Grand Winner @ Juara Lagu
Faizal Tahir- either both songs


Best Performance
Faizal Tahir-Sampai Syurga

Best Vocal
Faizal Tahir -Sampai Syurga

Ethnic Creative
Fara Wahida - whatever song she sing

Faizal Tahir- Sampai Syurga

Pop Rock
Meet Uncle Hussein- Laguku Untukmu

Grand Winner @ Juara Lagu
Meet Uncle Hussein- Laguku Untukmu

OMG!! i was like so happy when Faizal Tahir won the 1st 3 award.. i was very confidence tht he will won the grand winner.. but its endup MUH won it.. urghh... very frust... (this is what my topic all about)

okayy...thats all.. GTG... got another class after this.. buhbye..

~lova ya alwayss~

Friday, January 16, 2009

~My Fwen (promot lagi.. hikhikhik)~

the greatest social network in town is here..

well MyFwen is another friendster-myspace look alike..
but the difference is ...its been created by our very own Malaysian..

come and join MyFwen to meet all new friends... well.. if u get lucky u might meet the love of ur life there.. =P
support and join the community.. share our thought .. download some cool stuff.. discuss any topics in the forum..
everything u need are here... so dunt waste any time.. join now... u'll enjoy the stay...

~MultiMEdia Class~

i'm in Multimedia class.. doing some photoshopping.. hehehe... the lec can't see me blogging.. ahahaha.. bad NAdya...

k.. just stop by... love u all Lovey Dovey...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~ Joe Jonas my 2nd..~ ahaksss

yayyyyy... i got Joe Jonas... i love him...  
why i said he is the 2nd??
cos the 1st is cristiano ronaldo.. ahakss

Glory-glory Man United

hello lovey dovey... 

well bravoooo to Man United bcoz had defeated Chelsea 3-0 i repeat 3-0 
i knw its like an old story now...
but this is blog... its up to me to write wht in it..

b4 tht..
my beau played tht nite even i think he still shock of the accident..
u might want to read this n3 if u want to knw who is him and what happen to him

actually the main reason why i am happy for this winning is bcoz me and my dad was like always betting who will be on top of the chart
its a fair bet k.
its not like we bet for money or wht..
just for fun..
well my dad is a Chelsea fan..
and me + both my brothers are a very loyal Man United fan... 
with this winning means tht my dad lose the bet.. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ( evil laugh)..

Glory Glory Man United!!!!

btw.. instead of my dad... i dedicated this post to Along Aina tooo.. hahahaha.. she is a huge Arsenal fan... wexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.........
btw Along Aina.. 
tell ur 'pak cik' to read this n3... ahakss.

Glory Glory Man United!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

~First Award from Sis Zeti aka Cheqtie~

yayyyy... i got this first award from my dearest sista.. sis Zeti aka Cheqtie..
thanksss sis... i love u so much lah...

okay now.. 10 peeps i want to gv this award...

1) sis Zeti (ehehe)
2)cik Neddy
3)cik Anggerek

Saturday, January 10, 2009

~SPeciallY to My AUNT!!!~

guyssssssssss........... please update ur bloggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:P :P :P


OMG.. My Dear Boy got a car accident.. :((

Manchester United star  escaped injury after he totaled his Ferrari on Thursday morning, January 8, near Manchester airport. The soccer stud reportedly was on his way to training the morning after a disappointing defeat for his team, when he smashed his posh vehicle onto a barrier on the A538 Altrincham Road, between Wilmslow and Hale, Cheshire, at about 10:20 GMT. 

Several pictures taken after the incidentshowed Ronaldo's red Ferrari's front end was smashed to pieces. The car "was badly damaged in the crash, with the front edge of the vehicle completely demolished. One of the wheels came off, ending up about 200 yards behind where the vehicle came to rest," BBC reported. 

Eyewitness Jody Lomax, who was driving behind Ronaldo when the collision occurred, testified, "The Ferrari went straight into the wall, his front left-hand wheel came off and then Ronaldo got out of the car." Lomax added, "I was shocked. Anyway he was all right, he was walking -- he was a bit shaken ... Obviously I was stunned at seeing a Ferrari go in the wall and seeing Ronaldo." 

Meanwhile, Greater Manchester Police has confirmed Ronaldo's team-mate Edwin van der Sar was following in his Bentley at the time of the crash but was not involved in the collision. Police officer Nigel Snell furthermore commented it was "fortunate" that Ronaldo was not injured. 

The authorities have also confirmed that Ronaldo's breathalyzer test came up negative. As for his latest condition, a spokesman for Manchester United claimed, "He's fine and is training as normal with the team this morning." 

~Always in Mind~

"I know life is short.. not really much we can do..but i really thank to GOd because i met u that i love. I hope our relationship will not break down half of our way"

"Gudnyte n I luv u 2 my sweetheart. I'm sorry that i'm not a romantic man but i have a piece of heart that really love and miss you"

"You're the one of my happiness my dear. Dunt be sad.. Okay"

"B, no matter wat i miz n luv u always. Its come from my truly hearts. U shining my life n filled my empty soul."

this is some of few words tht being texted to be my sumone tht i used to love
not many people know bout our relationship.
i think its just my aunt and cousin know bout this.
and yes.. you too Yaya.
i just go through my 'saved message' folder in my phone last nite.
and i saw all messages from him.
its some of the word that can make me happy again each time i feel down.
but hey.. noo... we're not together anymore..and i never seen him since we broke up.
but then.. these words is so meaningful to me.
i wondering what happen to him now.
is him still in this uni or not..
just hoping he is in the good condition and always success..
btw guys.. this boy is from the same uni as me.

Its Decided...

hye there... happy saturday..

do u guys still remember bout my Student Representative post before..
well.. i have decide to give a shot... i've sent the application form last thursday..
and yesterday the Deputy Director of Student Affair announce the students who need to go on with the election and those who are already win without election...

guess what...
my fac just sent 2 candidates meaning that both of us has won without even need to be elected..
so now i'm one of the Student Representative Commitee.. still not official tho until it will publicly announce...

last night i was still thinking about my decision..
i dont knw why i feel like sumthing is missing... 
and tht time i feel like regretting... 
but then i feel better after a few crying..
sumtimes we need to throw out anything to feel better..
now here i am.. the unofficial Student Representative.. huhuu..

gudluck Nadya..
u Can Do IT

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Student Representative Council?? Help Me!!

?hye guys
help me now
today i just receive an application form for Student Representative Council Commitee (SRCC)
i already know my name was been suggested by my Head Program last year
and i kinda wanna go for it before this.. but today 
when i receive the form 
i was like not really confidence with myself 
i dont knw why 
i'm like in dilemma 
a part of my heart want it but not the other half...

this what the pro and cons that i get from this SRC thingyy...

the PRO

~since i am aiming for Vice Chancellor Award, i need to have a post like SRCC bcoz the condition set tht i need to get Deanlist for every sem or at least 4 semester and has a post in university... now i already get Deanlist for 3 sem in a row.. (now am in 4th sem)... 

~i think this is the time i need to overcome one of my weakness which is lack of self-confidence and self-esteem..

~this is the way tht i can be a more responsible person...

the CON

~i will get very busy and no more time for leisure

~i need to change my way of study which is b4 this i love to do revision or study based on my mood..

~i can't spend my time with my friends like usual anymore and it might be affected me bcoz i'm the kind who cant go on anywhere without my friend.. they are like my spirit...

~i'm afraid i cant divide myself between study and this SRC stuff..

i dunno 
feel like wanna crying now 
if i dunt accept it means tht i've like break my  Head of  Program heart (to melancholic.. cant find another word.. ahahaha) bcoz by suggesting my name its mean tht she trust me 
pluss most of the people in the admin kinda know me(most of them are my dad's friends) if i rejected this last minute its will gv them a bad impression toward me bcoz by taking the form just now they consider i accept it
but then i just dunno..hmmm
tomorrow i got a whole day to think
i need to send the form by thursday and on friday they will announce the candidate 
and then the campaign started
on 15 jan the election day is started...

i need ur opinion guysss...

*** for those who already know me well, u knw me better...
***for those who dont really know me,i still need ur opinion or maybe sumthing tht can make me confidence again and of course i need all of ur support...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Thank You!!

thanks to Anand .. the one who write me this.. i'm really glad for the compliment.. trying to improve my english now... well... i really shud write my blog in english.. but then.. i'm quite afraid other people dont get what i trying to say... guess i'm gonna try..

Sunday, January 4, 2009

~Buckle Up!!~

okay.... so new year has come... new rules come out... dont u guys still remember... the buckle up thingy... start from 2009 all backseat passengers need to buckle the seatbelt or there will be penalty waiting for us..

today... i was like being so 'skema'.. i buckle up... ahahahaha.... but just half of the journey tho..oh come on... ewwww.... i never did tht b4...

okay... the government ensure us to do this bcoz they want to reduce death in accident... ok fine..i admit tht... but does tht mean... they like couraging all the reckless driver to be more reckless... dunt u get wht i mean... HELLO!!! okay its like this... i think this rules is kinda useless... 1st.. we are suppose to reduce the accident... this buckle up thingy doesnt make things goes the way it shud be.. or what i might say... it just reduce death..AS IF... but then... the main thing is the accident.. fine they like to say thing like 'Malang Tak Berbau' but we can avoid it rite... actually its the individual itself... if they dont be reckless in driving... there will be no accident and there will be no DEATH at all... even the driver dont buckle themselves... i dont knw how to explain.. but thats it... i hope u guys understand this miserable english sentences.. and get wht i'm trying to say... thanks for reading...

one last thing... i'm not object the buckle thingy... dunt get me wrong.. but still sumthing more shud be done to overcome the road accident prob...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

~Challenges for this Sem!!~~

hye there... so today i wanna list down the subject tht i will be taking this new semester.....its like my challenge for this new term... i had succeed last sem... so gonna face the new one this sem...

so here it is


and an additional elective subject...


so thats it... i hope i can repeat my achievement from the previous semester.. amin...


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