Tuesday, June 30, 2009

~AWaRd FroM AlonG Aina~

Copy award di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda.

Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini :

pemberi award ini : Along Aina

1. dier kazen pertama saya... (belah mak saya la)

2. dier kazen kesayangan saya...
3. dier kakak saya (saya takde kakak :-( )
4. die ngah practical skang ni

5. die nak kete Satria Neo yang baru tu..

Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan
5 fakta/5 hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya.


1. saya MPP kat UiTM Pahang
2. sy ske men SECONDLIFE ( google sendri la pebende tu)

3. sy dekan every sem (ada bau-bauan riak disitu.. eh takde la... kata nak fakta)
4. sy tak ske org yang lupakan segala kebaikan yg kte pnah buat hanya disebabkan satu kesilapan.....
5. sy ske sumbody... ahahahaha... ttettttt


1. men SecondLife

2. bloggingg

3. karaoke (di mana2 pun ble)
4. bowlinggggg 5. ngumpat ngn kazen.. hahahaha

Anda perlu memilih 5 penerima award seterusnya dan describe tentang mereka

saya tak tau nak bg kat sape... saya rasa sume dh dpt ini award... so takyahla beri... huhuhu... (this is wht happen when we dont blog in Malay much... hahaha)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

~Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen~

hello there..

yes..yes..yess.. still no update about the Umrah journey.. huhuhu

later bout tht k...

here i want to tell u bout the latest movie i've watch in the cinema


and here is my review:

this movie is really really worth it to watch... there are more action than the previous one, and of course more from Shia too... i really really love this movie...

the scene i love is when Sam (Shia) telling BumbleBee he dont need him anymore.. its sad part... Bee was like crying..

and i really love when Sam calling him "Bee"...

when i see this movie, the relationship between human and the robot really impressed.. i knw autobot doesnt exist in real world.. but this movie really show sumthing..

first, relationship between Sam and Bee... its like between us and our bestfriend... i mean the real bestfriend..

even Sam keep asking Bee to go with Optimus but Bee always protected Sam.. no matter what... i really love the relationship between both Sam and Bee..

and then the way the autobot want to protect earth even earth is not their planet and they can go back to theirs anytime they want.
they protected earth like its their planet. Really sad when Optimus Prime sacrifice himself to protect Sam..

well there is lot more best scene in this movie... im not telling all of it... u need to watch it urself..

till then

Saturday, June 20, 2009

**Note to My Dad**

when father's day is just around the corner i shud wish him...

but not in this post.. (maybe i will at the end of the post.. hahaha)

okay dad.. here is it...

since i got deanlist for 4 semester in the row now

can i ask u sumthing...

its also the thing that u promise me after i finish my 2nd year.. (which i already finish it now)..

u knw what is it rite.. hahahaha

okay.. here's the thing..

for those who not know this.. i'm not asking my dad to buy it 100%... we're gonna share our money.. thats the deal okay.. (me and my dad always like tht)...

okay.. dad.. here are the kind of phone i want.. (i wish i can get it.. plz.. plzz..plzz)

this one is Nokia 5800 Xpress Music... its the latest Xpress Music phone from Nokia i guess...

and this one is iPhone 3G... the dream phone of all people....

so thats it... my dream phone... i wish to get the 2nd phone... but since its quite expensive than the 1st phone .. i think u gonna go with the 1st one... (or maybe not at all.. :((...)

but again... i really wish to get either phone... plzz plzz plzz 10000000000000000000X


neway Dad... Happy Father's Day and i love u so much ( i love u more if u get me either phone... =P... just kidding.... i love u now and always.. forever... mwahxxx)

**P/s: i knw u guys are waiting for my the post about my Umrah trip... i'm on the way now... still sorting sum picc.. just wait k... neway u still can look at the sneak peak at my mum's blog... just navigate at the blog list section thats say "My Special One" ( i think thats it..) and found the "My Mum"... that wht i write for the link... but still.. i will update here too.. but not now neway..

okay guys.. thats it.. love u all.. mwahhxxx...

Monday, June 15, 2009

~I'm Back~

hey there...

so now i'm back..

yeah.. i know.. u guys want the story..

i will update bout my trip later on.. maybe tomorrow..

but now i just want to share a good news...

my exam result has out..

and thank god.. i manage to get deanlist again...

i was very worry b4..

i thought i cant get it anymore

well u know.. with MPP stuff and problems with my friends..

but now i manage to prove all the people that underestimated me that i can do it..

the pointer is getting down a lil bit tho.. well i dunt mind tht.. coz trust me b4 i get the result i thought my pointer is worse than this.. but its all good...

now i'm one step closer to achieve Vice Cancelor Award during my Graduation Day next year...


thats it for now..



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