Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tag:Cik Ann

List out the top 5 presents you wish for:
1) car
2) handphone (again!!)

3) holiday trip

List out the reason for your choice:
1) its unfair if my bro got one
2) i will not stop demanding for the hanphone
until i got the N-Series hp
3) i love travelling for holiday
4) i love choc

5) i love reading

The person who tagged
u is:
5 impression of him/her:
1) pretty lady
2) smart
3) supportive
4) inspirational
5) serious

Most loved invention:
i dunno

What do you despise the most:


Anggerek said...

adik, i think u should change my photo. it looks old hahahahaha

danya89 said...

nanti adik gambar 'muda' cik ann then i'll change it... adik takde gambar latest cik ann

Anggerek said...

should dik, heheh
as soon as possible..
u cn take my pic from my fresnter ahaksss heheh

Anggerek said...

tq dik


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