Monday, June 9, 2008

~Cont:A Long Shot..: Pic~

1)At PCB
2)Result bowling for 1st game
3)Me with my little kazen

4)My Parents
5)Along Tasha,Cik Ann,Me,Cik Ha,Along Aina
6)My dad roll the ball

7)My Turn!!

8)Satisfactory face

9)Me,Cik Ann and Ieka

10)At PD 1

11)At PD 2

12)At PD 3

13)Oh Gosh!!!

15)So Funny!!

16)At RedbOx

17)Me and Along Aina
wit our Uncle Kerol


Anggerek said...

we had joy, we had fun,

CUteY^ANgEL said...

we had season in the sun


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