Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yesterday, my friend said to me,

if we love someone we need to accept all the weakness he had.

Yes, I agree with that.

But then I’ve been thinking,

what if the weakness will affect
our happiness in the future?

The friend of mine then said “we can guide him to be better”.

And again I asked, what if he wont change and by then something happen with the marriage or maybe the relationship itself because of the weakness?

My friend didn’t answer me that. But I know he still stick to his opinion..

Yeah, love sometimes can be complicated.

Because it’s involves feeling. And we all know feeling is abstract.

We can’t see it, we just can feel it.

And love involves 2 hearts (regardless of triangle love k.

Which only the owner of the heart knows how she/he feel.

I’m not good in talking about love.

But suddenly today, right now and this moment,

I feel like want to talk about it.

Yesterday, I knew that someone I care broke up with her boy.

It’s kind of sad even for me.

I asked her why? She said it’s for her own future.

As for me, I just support her decision if she thinks that’s the best for her even i still feel sad bout it.

I think that’s the hardest decision that she need to make. I won’t spill the detail much here just to respect this person feeling.

What I want to say is, even if we love that person, we need that person,

But if we don’t have any faith about what our future will be if we be with the person,

I think we just need to let it go.

If we don’t have any faith when being with someone we think we love is not really good thing.

Because the key of a success relationship is have faith.

I learned this from my mum and my dad.

My mum married when she was 23 years old.

She was too young that time. She didn’t even done with her study yet.

But she has faith with her marriage and until now my parents live happily for 24 years already.

If we had faith in our relationship, doesn’t matter what will happen in the future we can still face.

But if we don’t have any faith, it’s hard for us to deal with the future.

If it’s hurt to fall in love, then don’t fall in love.

Don’t find love, let’s love come to us.

That’s what I hold now.

It’s a lie if I said I don’t feel like want to be loved.

It’s a natural feeling of human to want to be loved.

But then, what is the meaning of being in love if it’s hurting.

Now, I just wait, wait and wait.

I know it will come one day, but I still don’t know when.

“I want you to love me, because of me.

I want you to love me, on the name of Allah”

And another things to share here, doesn’t want to be in love

Doesn’t mean we have to ignore any guys who want to be friend with us

Or us, ourselves doesn’t want to be friend with any guy.

Because it’s kind of important to know many kind of guys so that

It will be easier for us who we will choose one day.

Or easy to say, so that we wont end up being with a ‘crocodile’.

That’s it for now..




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