Saturday, February 20, 2010

~dusty dust dust~

OMG!! its been like ages i didnt update my blog..
its like my blog is full of spider web and dust.. wawawa
fuh fuh fuh (get rid of the dust.. hahahaha)

first.. sorry dearie for not updating my blog.. been busy lately..

anyway i've start with my prac training...
where? Genting Highland... (yeah.. i work in a casino now... wawawawa...naahh.. just kidding...)

Actually i work at Institut Aminuddin Baki which is stated in Genting Highland..
so far so good..
the boss is so cool..

i dont want to talk much bout my practical place..
just the fact i prefer to study more than working..

at least i knw people behaviour from here.. huhuhu...

k la thats it for the first thing... another post in a few..

1 comment:

aWaLLiWauDDin said...

salam nad... memang sungguh lame nad xupdate blog... nad pon menyepi ngan liwa, n liwa pon menyepi ngan nad... hopefully nad sihat n berjaya selalu... tgk fb liwau, liwa ade post video kenangan kita semasa mnjdi MPP.. seriously rndu disaat kite semua mnjdi MPP bersame2...


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