Saturday, February 7, 2009

~Been Busy!!~

hey there lovey dovey
i'm back.. well not tht i went to some other place.. but its mean tht i'm back for updating my blog..

well as u may knw.. i'm very extremely busy lately..
there will be a "Hari Kelab & Persatuan" (HARKEP) event in UiTM..
as the student rep i'm very busy for tht..
as the matter of fact.. i've being a busy girl since i hold the Information,IT & Publicity Exco...

ermm... nothing much to say..
just wanna put some date which i'm extemely busy..

10-11 Feb - HARKEP
12-15 Feb- Going to Shah Alam for Organization Management Course

thats it for time being... still a lot of meeting need to attend..
now rite now.. i'm at my office bcause we're having some workshop and few meetings...
of course..
but the best thing is i've go a lot of new friends..
we.. all the Student Rep like a family now.. eat together.. cry together... and do everything together... and since this is my 1st time holding such big position in UiTM they've helped me a lot

Thanks to all these people:
Rafie,Afdhal,Ain,Aimi,Pesa,Azrai,Fatin,Azrul,lUmmi,Iqbal,Kak Auni,Fendi,Zul,Fahmi,Liwau, Nik and Hadi

its been a good thing to work with all of u... love u guys so much.. XoXo..

well.. got to go now.. catch u guys later.. love ya~~


Anggerek said...

take care dear.

miss u n love u

NedDy said...

caiyo' caiyo' adik :) luv u.

nadyacheryl said...

heyy!congrats on ur big post!


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