Sunday, September 6, 2009

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Three Things That I Love :
1. My new Nokia 5800
2.My HP dv4 lappy
3.My novels

Three People Who Make Me Laugh :
1.DTQM (u knw who u are..)
2.MPP buddies (Phatyn,Nik,Ummi,Liwau,Pesa,Azrai & Hadi)
3.My roomate (e-qa,jenny,jah)

Three Things I Hate :

Three Things I Don't Understand :
1.Why people did something to other people but they hate people did the same thing to them..
2.Why people just cant mind their own business
3.Why there are still people who just want to be friend who are in the same standard as them... grrr

Three Things I'm Doing Right Now :
3.answering this tag

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1.gain my PHD
2.went to haji
3.getting married and have a children

Three Things I Can Do :

Three ways To Describe My Personality :
2.Cute kot
3.Love her friends more than anything

Three Things I Can't Do :
1. get drunk and anything similar
2. killed people who hurt me
3. get rid of people that hate me from this world

Three X Three person that i choose to answer all above question :
1.Cik Ann
2.Cik Ha
3.Along Aina
4.Along Tasha
5.Bie Najwa
6.Nadia Hanim
7. n/a
8. n/a
9. n/a

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