Thursday, December 25, 2008

All about the Desktop

Post a picture of your desktop
( Press PRINTSCREEN on your keyboard,Open PAINT,Press CTRL+V [ or paste ] Click save )

1. How many folders do you have on your desktop?

2.How many application do you have on your desktop?
15 kot... dlm desktop la... kalau kat tmpt lain byk lagi

3.MAC or Windows?
- windows!

4.If windows,what version?
- Windows Vistam Premium 32-bit...

5.Do you have games on your desktop?
-mestila adeee...

6.Which one do you usually play?
- CSI la... fave game tuu

7.What is your most used application?
- of course la SecondLife ,Firefoz and YM

8.Do you have MOZILLA FIREFOX and INTERNET EXPLORER on your desktop?
- both ade la

9.Describe your wallpaper and screensaver
-wallpaper twilight cos recently ni rasa dunia ni all about twilight ngn edward cullen je.. hahahaha... my ScreenSaver sume pic2 my family... bcoz I love My FamIlY la...

a. Cik Ha @ Miss NEddy
b.Cik Ann @ Miss Anggerek
c. Along @ Miss AIna

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