Friday, December 11, 2009

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Hey there..

i am very happy today (actually since yesterday)..

know why?

well the exam result has came out

and now i would like to share what i get..

b4 i proceed, if u think i'm showing off then get lose from my blog.

i want to share my happiness with my blog readers.

so here is it:

if its not clear just double click on it...

so thats it about my result..

i'm so happy happy happy...

i already got deanlist since 1st sem till 4th sem but none of it is 4.00 flat.

so for the 5th sem i dreamt of getting 4.00 flat..

and Alhamdulillah i manage to get it.

actually i was not quite confident after did the Network final paper.

the question was damn hard.

i thought i just get B for the subject.

but now i'm very glad.. just praying whether i'm going to get the Anugerah Naib Cancelor .. i really hope so..

so some people ask me how i study..

actually i dont really encourage people to follow how i study coz its not a good routine.

i love to study last minute and its based on my mood.

ask my roomate what i did they sure know bout it..

i think most of my study time is fill will sleep during the study week.

its not good k. i tried to change but at last i'm being myself.

so when people tell me i'm a 'rajin study' girl i will deny it coz i'm not tht girl.

here a thing: i have my 1st brother attitude ('the malas thing') but i have my 2nd brother brain too('maybe').. hahaha.. so thanks to them..

hahaha.. its 7.ooam in the morning and now i talk rubbish.. off to sleep...

oh yeah.. b4 i go i would like to thank all of my lecturer no matter whether they teach me or not.
and all my friends, you know who you are and not forgotten my dearest family..

okay.. bye2...

p/s: i dont know what i will ask from my dad for this semester present... any idea??? DSLR Camera?? hahaha

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