Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twlight+New Moon+Eclipse+Breaking Dawn=Addiction..wink~~

hye there.. sorry for the late update..

nothing much to say this time..

just wanna show u my Twlight Saga collection..

i just manage to collect it full set..

thanks a lot to my dad for understanding my passion..

bought it at MPH Bookstore, Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju on 1st August 2009

bought it at BORDERS, Berjaya Times Square on 14th November 2009

both bought at MBS Bookstore
Eclipse on 3rd December 2009 and Breaking Dawn on 7th December 2009

p/s: i think there is a 5th book called Midnight Sun but i just found that the author postponed the publishing..


mR.sYaH said...

wah dah jadi kipas susah mati ni.. dah tgk movie bru tu best..

NadYa^CuLLen said...

mr.Syah: dh tgk pun.. nak masuk kali ke-5 dh tgk


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