Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Teacher oo Teacher


okay this time wanna post about Teacher's Day which already held like a week ago...

sorry for the late update for Teacher's Day...

but no worries.. at least i dunt 4get bout it..

i even wish to my mum, my aunts and my fav teacher Miss Naz.. wink~

hey its not like i totally forget bout the other teacher... but i dunno their number okay...

its gonna be a short one here... i just wanna list out some of my teacher that lead me to who i am rite now...


Standard 1 -
Teacher Faridah
Ustazah ???? ( i forgot her name but if i see her i sure can recognize her)
OMG!! i totally forgot a lot of my Standard 1 teacher.. blarghh

Standard 2 -
Miss Siti Suhaila
Miss Siti Khadijah
En. Mat ALi
who else??... ermm...
Pn Siti Asniza (i think thats her name)
who else.. ?? ermm... gah... i forgot the rest...

Standard 3 -
Pn Rosmawati
Miss Chong
Ustazah Siti Arfah
oh my...again i forgot

Standard 4

En Jaafar
En Abu
who teach BM??
Teacher Hanim
okay2.. who else Nadya... OMG!! why u forget ur teacher's name.. gah...

Standard 5 (my last few month in SKA :(() -

Pn Hajah Puteh
Pn Normah
Pn Nasriah
okay.. i admit it.. this time this is the only i remember... hahaha...


Standard 5
En Suhaimi
En Sharizul
En Faizul
En Rostam
Ustazah Rozilah

Standard 6
En Suhaimi again
En Sharizul again
Ustazah Rozilah again
En Ishak
Pn Mariani
Pn Rosnani

not forgetting my choir teacher Teacher Laili...

okay.. thats for Primary School..

now its High School or Secondary School or "Sekolah Menengah"

i skip SMK Seri Bentong.. just being there for 5 month


Form 1
BM= Miss Sharifah Azlina
BI= i think she is the Indian teacher which i forgot her name and Sir Saiful..
SC= Miss Puteri Nurul Dalia
GEO= i knw the teacher face.. but her name.. umm...
HISTORY= En Mazuki
PAI= Ustaz Saiful
ARABIC = Ustazah I'shqi

Form 2
BI= Sir Saiful
SC= Miss Putri
GEO= same teacher
HISTORY= same teacher
ARABIC= Ustazah Kamaliah or Ustazah I'shqi?? forgot.

Form 3-
BM= Pn Rina
BI= Miss Ezi
Sc= Miss Putri
GEO= Same teacher
HISTORY= Same teacher
Arabic= Ustazah Kamaliah

Form 4 (last year in MRSM)
BI= Miss Nazreen (my fave teacher)
EST= Pn Sunita
BIO= Mr Rahman
PHY= En Bu
CHEM = forgot his name
ADD MATH & MOD MATH= who is tht new teacher again...

thats it for MRSM.. hahaha still lot more that i forget.. gah!!!

oh yeah not forgotting my HOMEROOM teacher...

Pn Amalina
Cik Hasnah
Kak Su


Form 5

BM= Pn Azizah?? who is tht teacher name..
BI & EST= Pn Azora
BIO= Cik Faridah
PHY= Pn ROhana
CHEM= Teacher Lee Meng Si
HISTORY= Sir Saravana
PAI= who is that Ustazah.. Ustazah Noraini ek??
ADD MATH= Sir Phua
MOD MATH= Pn Fauziah (i think its her name)

whoa... suddenly i realise tht i already forgot about most of my teacher.. bad Nadya..

urghh.. i think thats all.. daa for now

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