Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gossip Girl Season Finale - Chuck & Blair Moment.

hello there...

okay here the final update for today...

finally 2nd Season of Gossip Girl is finally over..

so sad coz i need to wait for next fall to watch for the next season.. gah..

okay here is some of the recap...

its graduation day for Constance Billiard and St.Jude...

i hate the robe tho.. green?? not so Gossip Girl..

but Serena really look beautiful..

nothing much to say bout the final episode..

just the fact that FINALL CHUCK SAYS I LOVE U TO BLAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love the way he tell Blair that during the ending part...

BLAIR :Why aren't you in europe?

CHUCK:I was in paris.But only to get your favorite macaroons.From pierre herm?

BLAIR:And germany?

CHUCK:To pick up your favorite falke stockings.You know how i adore them.

BLAIR:What are you doing here then?

CHUCK:You were right.I was a coward running away again.But everywhere i wentYou caught up with me.So i had to come back.

BLAIR:I want to believe you...But i can't.You've hurt me too many times.

CHUCK:You can believe me this time.

BLAIR:That's it?

CHUCK:I love you too.


BLAIR:But can you say it twice?(STILL KISSING).....No i'm serious. say it twice.

CHUCK:I love you...I love you. mm.There's three. four--i love you.

so sweet.. i almost crying tht time.. i love BLUCK couple..



aFdSmKaD said...

xoxo gossip gurl :)

Anonymous said...

alaa... xtgk la.. hehehe... nad ape kaba? diharap chat selalu yer...

Nadya^Cumil said...

hahaha... baik jeww

Anonymous said...

GOD!gg?so glad blair and chuck end up together or as u called BLuck couple.hey nad i dun get to watch the the finale ep yet.hoping to get it soon

Anonymous said...

sye pon ske glr time chuck ckp i luv u kat blair..
nak nangis pon ade..


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