Sunday, June 28, 2009

~Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen~

hello there..

yes..yes..yess.. still no update about the Umrah journey.. huhuhu

later bout tht k...

here i want to tell u bout the latest movie i've watch in the cinema


and here is my review:

this movie is really really worth it to watch... there are more action than the previous one, and of course more from Shia too... i really really love this movie...

the scene i love is when Sam (Shia) telling BumbleBee he dont need him anymore.. its sad part... Bee was like crying..

and i really love when Sam calling him "Bee"...

when i see this movie, the relationship between human and the robot really impressed.. i knw autobot doesnt exist in real world.. but this movie really show sumthing..

first, relationship between Sam and Bee... its like between us and our bestfriend... i mean the real bestfriend..

even Sam keep asking Bee to go with Optimus but Bee always protected Sam.. no matter what... i really love the relationship between both Sam and Bee..

and then the way the autobot want to protect earth even earth is not their planet and they can go back to theirs anytime they want.
they protected earth like its their planet. Really sad when Optimus Prime sacrifice himself to protect Sam..

well there is lot more best scene in this movie... im not telling all of it... u need to watch it urself..

till then

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aWaLLiWauDDin said...

hehe.. update pun blog...
liwa bru je download ctr nie..
xtgk g.. nnt liwa tgk..
nk g wyng xsmpt.. hehehe
tnggu kat syok je.. hehe


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