Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Blog Alert!!

hey there..

sorry for a very very late update..

been busy since the new semester started...

okay.. b4 i further with my blog update..

i would like to announce that i will having a new private blog soon..

well if i said its private, means that all the content cannot be known by certain people..

this blog will remain public coz sum things tht happen in my life i willing to share with public but there are some tht i want to keep it private and let it known among the closest people in my life..

the new blog will be fully Malay (i guess) or maybe mixed..

i dont knw.. but it will not be a fully English blog..

so.. who will get the invite?

my family
my closest friend
my trusted friend

the important thing is all these people is a blog owner... so for those who dont own any blog even they are one of the 3 like above wont get invited..

i will tell the reason why i did this in the new blog..

so see u all there...

love ya

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