Monday, July 13, 2009

~Tired but fun~

hye there..

another update for today..

yesterday (on Sunday 12 July 09)

its kinda a tiring day for me..

not just me i guess

but its for Liwau,Afdhal and Phatyn too..

u knw why??

well yesterday, 4 of us was on road trip to Kuantan..

its a day long..

we are like go there at 8 am

we not going there just for having fun..

we're doing some jobs regarding on MPP

we need to survey how much the fuel will be used from Jengka to Kuantan for a motorbike..

we r going to organize the Jom Konvoi event soon tht require 100 student with motorbike to join in..

so we need to prepare wht will happen in between the trip during the Jom Konvoi event

Liwau was riding a motorbike while Afdhal drove me and Phatyn in Phatyn's Baby J...

so thats the 1st..

when we arrive at Kuantan we straight away go and meet the JPK from UiTM Kuantan...

b4 that we kinda hang out at a Kopitiam with Phatyn's parents..

we talk about current issues and all...

then we go to Uitm Padang Lalang to meet the JPK there...

its like an unofficial meeting with them..

as a MPP in UiTM Pahang we need also to take care of their need...

there are a lot of problems that occur there.. so we're going to further this problems to the HEP..

after an hour meeting with them we went to ECM for a while..

i want to buy Big Apple doughnut for my project groupmate and my roomate... after tht we straight to Phatyn home..

having lunch there and have some shower b4 going back to Jengka..

we also chit chatting with her dad..

he gave us a lot of advice..

we all loves chatting with her dad cause he got a lot of input to tell us which are all beneficial...

we hope we can meet him again soon to continue the chatting.. hehehe..

Phatyn u got such a wonderful dad, no wonder u are so nice and humble like this.. (like Liwau said "tak sedar diri").. hehehehe...

ur Umi is lovely too... love chatting with them...

okay after like few hours rest at Phatyn's house we're off to Jengka..

b4 i forget, Aina is with us too.. She is Phatyn roommate and my secretariat in MPP.. =)...

we arrive at Jengka about 7.30 pm.. rest for few min and off to meeting at 9pm..

i told ya.. it was my tiring day..

but i enjoyed it..

i wish we can do tht again next time..

thats it for now...



Hazatul Nabila said...

dear nadya,
all the best in your mpp's seems like so much trouble but i really believe that u can handle it...chayok2!!!

Nadya^Cumil said...

Nabila : thanks a lot for the support... i will do my very best... =)


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