Sunday, July 12, 2009


okay.. like the previous semester, i will reveal my actual

result in my blog...

just so u knw, i'm revealing this result not bcoz i want to

show off..

but i told u rite... that is what my blog is all about..

i want to share my happiness, my sadness and everything in this


up to u wht do u wanna think... go to hell if u dont like it..

okay.. back to the topic...

so thats it my result for the last sem

i dunt mind what some people say about my result is going down

a bit.. well to be exact its going down 0.08..

for me.. since i first started come to this UiTM, all i ever

wanted is i want to get the Vice Cancellor Award.. so im very

grateful that i get the deanlist even my pointer is


i just one step closer to my aim..

Insyaallah for this current semester i'll try to get 4.00..

that is my aim for this semester and then bring me another step

to get the Vice Cancellor Award...

so.. thats it for now..



zeti said...

dasyat la result nad.. kagum akak tgk.. smoga impian nad nk dpt vice cancellor award t'capai, amin :)

Nadya^Cumil said...

kak zeti: takdela dasat sgt kak... sem lepas ade B.. cedey.. huhuhu..

tp puas ati la gak sbb berjaya buktikan kat org2 yang meng'down'kan nad sem lepas.. huhuhu

aFdSmKaD said...

dasat2..asek2 dapt dl jew..jeles i :P


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