Friday, June 11, 2010

~~Dream comes true~~

The result came out yesterday. After a lot of patience, finally I can check my result. It’s not a biggie tho since it’s just a practical result, but then, it’s kinda important since it’s the result that determine whether I can grad with my diploma and whether I can get Vice Chancellor Award.
Alhamdulillah, my dream has comes true now. I finally pass my diploma with flying colours. I manage to get the award that I hope for since I was in semester 1. Now I can’t wait for the convocation. October maybe.

Here is overview of my result for the whole my diploma years.
SEMESTER 1: GPA- 3.78, CGPA- 3.78
SEMESTER 2: GPA- 3.85, CGPA- 3.82
SEMESTER 3: GPA- 3.83, CGPA- 3.82
SEMESTER 4: GPA- 3.75, CGPA- 3.80
SEMESTER 5: GPA- 4.00, CGPA- 3.84

NOTE: for semester 6 actually the result is just PASS since it’s my practical result, but for this graph I just make it 4.

Next mission, getting the Vice Chancellor Award for my degree and get a good CGPA so that my dream for furthering my master studies in overseas will be achieved. Winks.

p/s: now waiting for Degree offer.. hope i got what i want.


aFdSmKaD said...

wahhh..bangga2....heheheheee...xcted nk g ur convo

Anonymous said...

Very proud of you Nad,

Miss Kate xxx


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