Monday, June 7, 2010

My name is Nadia and I'm lovin' Lagenda Budak Setan

Last Saturday I went to watch Lagenda Budak Setan at cinema.
As some of you may know, I’m not really into watching Malay film in cinema because somehow Malay films are not worth it to watch in cinema.
So, what’s the point of wasting our money for a not so good film?
At first, I never have any intention to watch Lagenda Budak Setan.
Well, I used to read the novel before, but I kinda not really remember the storyline from the novel.

However, after watching the movie trailer, I feel like I want to watch the movie coz the trailer makes me cries so that’s why I’m so excited to watch it.
Ok, about the movie, well nothing much to expect for a film adapted from novel.
It’s never exceeding the reader expectation I guess.
I always watch films that adapted from novel like Twilight and Harry Potter and none of the film@movie exceeds my expectation from book but luckily I don’t really remember the storyline of the Lagenda Budak Setan novel so I give this movie 8/10. This is for the love story that was portrayed in the film.
I was crying if u wants to know. Haha.
Well, the other missing two points are because there are still some flaws here and there. I don’t wanna talk about the flaw tho coz I’m not a good film critic.
Oh, btw, the song in the film is so nice.. The song kinda plays an important role in the movie till it makes people crying (including me).

Okay enough about the movie.
Here is another story.
Kinda funny I would say.
Actually I don’t want to write about this in my blog but my aunts and my mum keep insisting me to write it. Grr.
Okay, after done watching the movie we went straight to the Surau.
While waiting for Maghrib prayer, me and my aunts kinda hangout for a while at the Surau and then suddenly a woman approach me and asking whether my name is Nadia or not.
Since my name was really Nadia so I said yes and then she said my brother was waiting for me outside.
I was like WTH?.
Coz as far I remember that time (unless I loss my memory) my brothers were busy with their own stuff but I still go out to see who is that person.
In my mind, I thought maybe he was a long lost friend or something.
Before I can really see who is the person, suddenly a guy talking to another woman behind me (outside of the Surau, of course) asking “Boleh tak tolong panggilkan adik saya Nadia?” and that time, I’m very sure there was another Nadia in the Surau.
Then I quickly come back inside. Actually, there are 3 Nadia in the Surau, me, my aunts and the Nadia (who her brother was waiting outside).
When the woman announced about a girl name Nadia the actual Nadia can’t response here coz she was still praying that time.
Finally, the Nadia mystery was solved. That’s make me think, should I change my name?? hahahah…

Ok.. I think that’s it.
What a long post this time.

p/s: Nuffnang kinda inspire me to update more.. hahahaha…

see u later then..

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Miss Neddy said...

Yeah!! my name is Nadia..haha..ermm so funny larr..upss nasib baik i sememangnya takde brother, klu tak cik ha pun akan slumber bangun n mengaku, 'yes i'm nadia'..hehe..(mcm adik buat..) hahaha..


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