Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Name it~~

My cousin inspires me with her paNggIlanKu..pAnggIlAnmU post. So I feel like I want to write the same post too. I know she won’t mind coz she loves me. Winks.
Well, I got a few nicknames too. To think back, my nicknames were different in each place where I used to study. So, It would be easy for me to recognize where I know the person from. Am I right? Huhu.

Before I proceed with my nicknames in my school/study time, let me spill my nicknames from my family first. Well, I got 2@3 nicknames from them. As a youngest child in my small family, most of them call me Adik. That’s why, in my first Gmail account is adeqsakura89 (the sakura name came from my fave anime series Cardcaptor Sakura). Some of them also call me Ct@Iti. As u may know or want to know, my full name is Siti Nadiah bt Nain. However, this is a WARNING, this name can only be called by people in my family only. My lil cuzzies call me Kak Uti. Miss Natasha Alia is the first person who call me with this name. Winks.

When I was in primary school, my friend just called me Nadia. We were just a lil kids back then, so dunno what to put for nickname. Even that, my bestfriends in SK.Ampang used to call me Babydoll. Wanna know why? You can ask Miss Mirad here. She was the one who come out with the Babydoll name. She still call me that until now.

pic was taken from Cloth Doll Supply website

Then, when I was in secondary school, specifically in Mrsm Mersing, they called me Netz. I don’t even remember why they called me this. I think Mr.Faiz Khalid was the responsible person who came out with this name for me. Huhu. That’s explained why my very first yahoo account is netz_hh89 (hh? Let me keep it as secret.. hahah). Then when I was in SMART(SMK Abdul Rahman Talib,Kuantan), they called me Dya because that time, I loved to spell my name as Nadya. Hehehe.

In UiTM (suddenly it reminds me off my practical result.. dup dup dup..), they all called me with just Nad. Very simple, but I loike it. Hehe.

Some of you who are close to me might know that I’m kinda addicted with this virtual game called Secondlife. I have my own nickname too for my friends who are connected with me through this game. My avatar name is Avrilyn, and for some people, its kinda hard for them to pronounce it. So I make it short as Ary. If u ever some someone called me Ary in my Facebook or maybe shout me as Ary, don’t be confused coz he/she might be someone I know from this game.

Ok then, I think that’s it for now. Wanna continue with Secondlife.Winks. Feel free to join this game. Its fun.


p/s: if u want to call ur friends with other names, make sure its a good one. winks

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