Tuesday, September 16, 2008

~Che Wan Fatin Tagged Me!!~

RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
~ at first.. i might be sad... but just for a while.. cos life must go on

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
~ travel around the world

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
~ my brother.. hakhakhak...

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
~hmm... to many to say in here...

5. Will you u fall in love with your best friend?
~ maybeee

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
~ both....
7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
~ anytime will do...

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?~hmmm.... ntah..:P

9. If you like to act with someone, who will it be? your gf/bf or an actress/actor?
~actor la... brad pitt!!!!!

10. What takes you down the fastest?
~ being hurt by my best friends... got low mark for test etc...

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
~ i will be 29 tht time... i already working... maybe married...

12. What's your fear?
~ Allah S.W.T

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
~ she is so beautiful... in and out... tak sombong... friendly... and i'm very delighted to call her as my friend...

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
~hard to choose maa

15. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
~ check if there any sms...

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
~ depends on the situation

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
~ depends on how the 2 people feel about me...

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
~easy to forgive... hard to forget... thats me...

19.Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
~ in relationship..

20.List 5 people to tag
~ cik ann,cik haa,fatul,along,yaya...

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