Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Glory-glory Man United

hello lovey dovey... 

well bravoooo to Man United bcoz had defeated Chelsea 3-0 i repeat 3-0 
i knw its like an old story now...
but this is blog... its up to me to write wht in it..

b4 tht..
my beau played tht nite even i think he still shock of the accident..
u might want to read this n3 if u want to knw who is him and what happen to him

actually the main reason why i am happy for this winning is bcoz me and my dad was like always betting who will be on top of the chart
its a fair bet k.
its not like we bet for money or wht..
just for fun..
well my dad is a Chelsea fan..
and me + both my brothers are a very loyal Man United fan... 
with this winning means tht my dad lose the bet.. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ( evil laugh)..

Glory Glory Man United!!!!

btw.. instead of my dad... i dedicated this post to Along Aina tooo.. hahahaha.. she is a huge Arsenal fan... wexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.........
btw Along Aina.. 
tell ur 'pak cik' to read this n3... ahakss.

Glory Glory Man United!!!!

1 comment:

afdsmkad said...

ngahahahahaa....Man u men ngelat tuh...ye..nnti i gtau pakcik suh bace diz post...arsenal 4 ever lew :)


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