Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Student Representative Council?? Help Me!!

?hye guys
help me now
today i just receive an application form for Student Representative Council Commitee (SRCC)
i already know my name was been suggested by my Head Program last year
and i kinda wanna go for it before this.. but today 
when i receive the form 
i was like not really confidence with myself 
i dont knw why 
i'm like in dilemma 
a part of my heart want it but not the other half...

this what the pro and cons that i get from this SRC thingyy...

the PRO

~since i am aiming for Vice Chancellor Award, i need to have a post like SRCC bcoz the condition set tht i need to get Deanlist for every sem or at least 4 semester and has a post in university... now i already get Deanlist for 3 sem in a row.. (now am in 4th sem)... 

~i think this is the time i need to overcome one of my weakness which is lack of self-confidence and self-esteem..

~this is the way tht i can be a more responsible person...

the CON

~i will get very busy and no more time for leisure

~i need to change my way of study which is b4 this i love to do revision or study based on my mood..

~i can't spend my time with my friends like usual anymore and it might be affected me bcoz i'm the kind who cant go on anywhere without my friend.. they are like my spirit...

~i'm afraid i cant divide myself between study and this SRC stuff..

i dunno 
feel like wanna crying now 
if i dunt accept it means tht i've like break my  Head of  Program heart (to melancholic.. cant find another word.. ahahaha) bcoz by suggesting my name its mean tht she trust me 
pluss most of the people in the admin kinda know me(most of them are my dad's friends) if i rejected this last minute its will gv them a bad impression toward me bcoz by taking the form just now they consider i accept it
but then i just dunno..hmmm
tomorrow i got a whole day to think
i need to send the form by thursday and on friday they will announce the candidate 
and then the campaign started
on 15 jan the election day is started...

i need ur opinion guysss...

*** for those who already know me well, u knw me better...
***for those who dont really know me,i still need ur opinion or maybe sumthing tht can make me confidence again and of course i need all of ur support...


zeti said...

amik la yang.. bila lg kan? masa ni la kita nk tnjuk kbolehan kita.. akak jamin awk sure bole bahagikan masa pnyer, Insya allah :) yakin pd diri sndiri k ;)

makingahero said...

sis,your situation makes me laugh...please apologize me.JUST SIT AND THINK for a while.But if i were in your place.i would have refused the offer.i never meant that u have to ignore the offer,well it depends upon the person and the place they are involved in.So don't confuse urself too much.take any decision but be confident in wat u r going to take up.bye.


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