Saturday, January 10, 2009

~Always in Mind~

"I know life is short.. not really much we can do..but i really thank to GOd because i met u that i love. I hope our relationship will not break down half of our way"

"Gudnyte n I luv u 2 my sweetheart. I'm sorry that i'm not a romantic man but i have a piece of heart that really love and miss you"

"You're the one of my happiness my dear. Dunt be sad.. Okay"

"B, no matter wat i miz n luv u always. Its come from my truly hearts. U shining my life n filled my empty soul."

this is some of few words tht being texted to be my sumone tht i used to love
not many people know bout our relationship.
i think its just my aunt and cousin know bout this.
and yes.. you too Yaya.
i just go through my 'saved message' folder in my phone last nite.
and i saw all messages from him.
its some of the word that can make me happy again each time i feel down.
but hey.. noo... we're not together anymore..and i never seen him since we broke up.
but then.. these words is so meaningful to me.
i wondering what happen to him now.
is him still in this uni or not..
just hoping he is in the good condition and always success..
btw guys.. this boy is from the same uni as me.

1 comment:

afdsmkad said...

huhuhu..ur cousin yg ne la tuh yg tau???hehehehee...


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