Monday, January 19, 2009


hey there.. whats up's??

sorry for the late update...
seems tht the Celcom Broadband coverage are bad from my room.. urghh.. damn..
i can't even access my blog.. i was like wanna throw it away.. but hell. no...

okayy... proceed..
what with the topic???
last nyte me and my friends watch the AJL final...
yeah.. our main purpose is to watch our Faizal Tahir...
just at the dining hall.. we had big screen in there.. and of course we had ASTRO..

what can i say the competition is very high..
all of them are very awesome..

here are some performance tht i would like to graded it as A

1) both Faizal Tahir song - Cuba + Sampai Syurga
2)Stacy- Aku Stacy
3)Estranged-Yang Pernah
4)Meet Uncle Hussein- Laguku Untukmu

and the closing performance which we had our 'Idola Kecil' finalist perform with Jac,M.Nasir and Jamal.. i love it so much... Wada looks so pretty.. and Haqiem is cute.. ahha...

as for the result..

this is my prediction...

Best Performance
Stacy-Aku Stacy

Best Vocal
Faizal Tahir - either Cuba @ Sampai Syurga

Ethnic Creative
Zahid + Heliza - Doa Dalam Lagu

Faizal Tahir- either Cuba @ Sampai Syurga

Pop Rock
Meet Uncle Hussein- Laguku Untukmu

Grand Winner @ Juara Lagu
Faizal Tahir- either both songs


Best Performance
Faizal Tahir-Sampai Syurga

Best Vocal
Faizal Tahir -Sampai Syurga

Ethnic Creative
Fara Wahida - whatever song she sing

Faizal Tahir- Sampai Syurga

Pop Rock
Meet Uncle Hussein- Laguku Untukmu

Grand Winner @ Juara Lagu
Meet Uncle Hussein- Laguku Untukmu

OMG!! i was like so happy when Faizal Tahir won the 1st 3 award.. i was very confidence tht he will won the grand winner.. but its endup MUH won it.. urghh... very frust... (this is what my topic all about)

okayy...thats all.. GTG... got another class after this.. buhbye..

~lova ya alwayss~


zeti said...

eh, lbih kuang sama je ngan akak teka.. sama la plak taste kita kan ;) tp tu la, tkjut gak sbb MUH mnang.. yg akak frust nape stacy x mnang? best woo performance dia..

Hapi said...

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emilia azman said...

MUH rockkkkk!!! hahahha.. ala.. sesekali kasi rock band menang pe salahnya kan.. hihihi.. bosan je asik lagi pop dgn jiwang karat menang

prakash said...

have a great day..

syma_mr said...

xpuas ati gak MUH menang..erm..


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