Friday, November 20, 2009

~~Keep MySelf Updated (Part 3)~~

just a short one here..
here's the part 3

last Tuesday (17 November)..
Me, Along Aina + wif my brother off to The Curve..
Actually my brother didnt really know the route to The Curve
but we manage to reached there safely.. ngee

we went there for movie.. (yeah.. movie again).. ngee
we watched 2012.. very satisfying.. love the movie..
love the effect.. love the storyline... huhuhu..
dont want to talk much about the movie tho
coz i know all of u already know bout it..huuhu

after movie... again went to RedBox for 3 hours karaoke..
really had fun this time.. ngee..

nothing much to say this time.. just the fact tht i had fun with them..

next post is about our hangout at One Utama.. stay tuned...

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