Wednesday, November 18, 2009

~~Keep MyseLf Updated (Part 1) ~~

~~moment that we had b4 the exam ended~~

finally i get my mood back to update this blog..
trust me..
this lately i was like so 'malas' to update this blog..
no idea maa..

but for this one..
got a lot stuff to say..

yayy... finally the exam has ended and now i'm on holiday
the best thing is i'm gonna have my practical training for next semester..
means that wont have to study anymore for diPloma..
but sadly, i'm gonna be apart from my friends..
Sem 5 @ Part 5 is the best semester ever..
especially will all my friends..
hope our friendship will still blossom till the end of time..
about the exam:
i think its just ok...
just need to take 4 papers this semester..
the worst paper of all is of course la Network.. (easily to say that its a nightmare.. grr)
the rest is cool..
i dunt mind for not getting 4.00 this semester..
but i really hope + wish i still get deanlist this semester..
dear god.. help me plzz...

thats all for part 1.. see ya..

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