Tuesday, November 24, 2009

~Keep Myself Updated (Part 4)~~

so 2 days after i went to The Curve with my DarlingSweethearts,
we went to One Utama (since my bro already know the route to Damansara.. hehehe)...

we went there purposely for bowling..
3 games straight..
i lose the game tho..
and the bad thing is i hurt my hand too..
due to lack of practice(i didnt play bowling for a long time.. huhuhu..)
it doesnt matter we just played for fun..

after that we are like 'tawaf'' OU.. hahaha which we cant make it to 'tawaf' the whole OU..

nothing much to say in this update.. just tht since its just a short hangout...

current mood: NEW MOON fever.... gahhh...

i really cant wait for my next date with Edward Cullen...

for the time being.. i just tried to finish up my New Moon novel b4 watching the movie.. ngeee..
thats is for now... chiao bella~~~

~~end of 'Keep Myself Updated topixx...~~

p/s: to my honeybunch and my sugarplum, Nadia Hanim and Fatin Suhana really cant wait to hangout with both of u.. love ya~~~

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