Thursday, November 19, 2009

~~Keep MySelF Updated (Part 2)~~

yuhuu again.. so here comes part 2..
its all about my sleepover with muh cuzzies + aunt at KL Plaza Suite
which is situated in front of Pavillion.. cool huh...
Went there on 13th Nov until 15th Nov..

The first day which is on the 13th@Friday the 13th...
check in as usual.. got a lil' prob here and there..
then check on the room... well quite comfortable la.. love it...

the best thing is we can see Pavillion from our room..

nothing much happening that day since when we got there its already late night..

the next day.. after woke up from a soundless sleep (due to the relief since exam had ended)..

as usual bathing then went to Pavillion to buy movie tickets for Pisau Cukur..
on feet to BB Plaza-Sungei Wang then Low Yat.. 3 hours karaoke at Redbox..
Later that nite... went out again for movies (Pisau Cukur)..

the movie is okla...
love Fazura in the movie.. Oh My Dior... Panas! ngee..
and guess what... there is a cute guy in the movie.. i think he is a newcomer... actually he is a theatre's writer... his name is Shahredza Minhat.. huhuhu.. in that movie he played Faqir.. and he wear braces.. love it...cumil je.. ngee...

after movie.. going to 'makan-makan' then back to our suite.. huhuhu...

on 15th after check out went to Serdang..

thats all for part 2... part 3 coming soon.. daa~~

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