Monday, November 30, 2009

Bowling moment & Dog Chase<3<3

so here is the update for the 2nd day of Hari Raya Aidiladha.
and again instead of watching people 'sembelih' the cows,

we are like ' sembelih' our money for bowling.

well thats us.

we play bowling for 3 games
and guess what, i lose all three...

but i dont mind at all bcoz i played just for fun and to release my tense..

after bowling, we walk around the mall and there...!!!
me and Along Aina bought a new shoes.

the shoes is quite cute.

after done with tht, and before back home,
we went to mamak restaurant for our dinner..
the Nasi Lemak is quite okayla..

then we back to our house..

okay so here is the funny part...

when we arrive at home,
we are like 'melepak' outside of the house

tht time, we saw 5 dogs wandering around the park in front of the house..
we just ' buat bodoh' at first..

while busy making video call wif our relatives at KG,
suddenly Along Aina quickly rush into the car (thank god its unlock)..

i was kinda blur that time..
then i saw the dogs are like coming towards us..
i'm the last person who get into the car..

just imagine 5 people in the back of myVi car..
nothing bad happenning tho.. but we all like very scare due to the incident.. heheeeh...

i think thats it...

p/s: check out my new blog b/ground.. gv comment..


Choki a.k.a oki! said...

ha tula ko. org g smbt ry, ko g men boling. kn da kne. huhu

Natasha Alia said...

along aina nmpak mcm mulan :P


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