Monday, August 18, 2008

~All About My Friend~

1. Aleng (Alin)
2. Miwa (Mira)
3. Ix Kuhu Kuhu (Ix)

Would you date any of them?
no... they are a girl

Are you taller than number 2?
hahaha... yezza

How did you meet 3?
in uitm jengka

If you were crying would 1 cheer you up?
i guess so... but she is not tht type i guess... but she is a good friend..

Have you dated any of them?
no way...

Where is Number 1 right now?
at her house...

Have you hugged any of them?
yeah... just done in...hahaha

Who have you known the longest?

Who have you known the shortest?

Have you been to any of their houses?

Who’s most likely to repost this?
none of them

Would their parents be there for you?
i dont know

If you could go back, what would you change about them?
hmmm.... let me think... none

Have you kissed any of them?
cheek to cheek... yess..

Who do you see the most?
alin... bcoz she is my rumate

Who knows the most about you?

Who makes fun of you the most!
none of them

Do you argue with number 2?
sumtimes... just misunderstanding

Does any of them have the same b-day as you?

Would you break the law for/with number 3?
she is not the type to break the rules

Do you know 2’s middle name?

Do you like 1?
if i dont like her... she wont be my bestfriend



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