Monday, August 18, 2008

~top 5 Friendster~

- Fill the people in below!

- Answer the questions truthfully

~the name list is according to my top friend list in Friendster
[1] Cik Ann
[2] Cik Haa
[3] Along
[4] Alin
[5] Mira

1. Have you ever danced with number 3?
maybe... when were kid

2. Where did you meet number 5?
Uitm JengKA.. hahaha

3. Have you ever gotten drunk with number 4?
we never drink... i mean not alcohol...

5. Have you seen number 2 naked?
hahahahaha.... NO

7. Have you ever seen 5 in a swimsuit?
no and never... i guess

6. Do you like number 1?
of course i like her... she is one of my beloved aunt

8. Have you ever met 4s Family?
not yet... but will... one day...

9. Do you know 2s middle name?
i know.. i know... its HANUM....

10. Have you ever eaten anything in front of 3

11. Do you trust number 5?
yeah... i always want to tell my problem to her... she is the most trusted person... i guess...

13. Have you ever fought with number 1?
no... and never....

14. When’s the last time you talked to 3 in person
if actual talk i guess last 2 month... if chat... just happen minutes ago...

15. Are any of your top 5 family?
3 of them....

17. Have you ever done something dangerous with number 1?
i dunt quite remember bout tht...

18. Have you ever slept in the same bed with number 5 ?

19. Do you think 1 and 5 would make a good couple?
hahaha... no... they dunt even met each other yet

20. Would 3 do anything for you?
not anything i guess... i dunno... ask her...

21. Has 2 ever helped you out?
a lot.....

22. Have you ever slept in the same bed as number 4?
we're roomate... and our bed is kinda connected together... so shud i explain more bout it...

23. Which have you known the longest?
cik ann,cik haa and along

24. Who have you known the shortest?
alin and mira

26. Have you had a crush on 1-5?
hell no....

27. Have you ever done anything illegal with number 4?
yeah... ponteng kelas.. hahahaha

28. Will 1 - 5 repost this?
i dunno... if only i tag them...



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