Saturday, August 30, 2008

What The F*** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well i guess u know how am i feeling rite now if u see those title... well here it goes.. last nyte.. i went to FESKEM (Festival Kemerdekaan) which is held in my university.... of course i go there with my friends... while we all " usha2" the students who were walking in front of us... suddenly.. we saw someone tht we know better... huhuhuhu..we saw this guy, "F" is walking with an unfamiliar girl... ok so whoo is this "F".... welll... do u remember my Ex.BFF???,the one who we all have a quarrel with...(i'm not quite tell about her in this blog.. maybe some of u who read this know bout it...)...just call her "E". so "F" is her boyfriend... now she is not in here anymore... she have go to medical college to further her study to be a medical assistant... well dont want to talk bout heer... the main point here is the damn F*** "F".. (sori la... mencarut skit.. huhuhu) we saw him walking with other girl... at first we think positively.. she is his classmate... but then to think bout it they walk very close to each other... ok fine.. it has nothing to do with us.. but the fact is... we "putus kawan" with "E" bcoz of him... i think if he dont "menyibuk" to transfer into this university... we and "E" will still be friend... its all his fault.. yeah.. fine.. u can say tht i miss "E" .. hey.. she is my 1st friend when i come here.. she's been so nice to me.. she take care of me when i 'm sick during my PBSM camp... "F" being controlling her when she was here.. cannot walk with any guy.. even with classmatess... even with many people walking together...but wht the hell is he doing now... (geram sangat... tukar BM..huhuhuh)die ingt "E" takde kat cni... die senang leh jln ngn gurl lain la... kitorg sume rasa kesian gle kat "E" tu... "E" bukan main percaya lagi kat lelaki tu.. tbe2 die wat cmni... at first kitorg igt diorg dh clash but the fact is diorgg still couple lagi... itu yg wat ak lagi bengang... the most worst thing is... my other friends saw "F" walk the girl back to the Kompleks Siswi and they act like couple.. dh knfrm2 dak tu bkan classmate die cos setahu ak budak sains part 2 dh duk kolej..tak duk kompleks.. huhuhuhey.. kalau setakat kawan takyah la hantar smpai kompleks... igt org lain tak nmpk ke... "E" selama ni percy kat die smpai kitorg bg nasihat pun die tak dgr.. ni yg die balas blik... hhuhuhu.. lelaki mcm ni memang tak bersyukur langsung... dh dapat awek cantik pastu wat hal plak... dasar SIAL!!!!!..


ok dah... well nak ckp gak.. smlm masa kat feskem smpat gak beli chain nama and teddy bear kecik.. ala-ala keychain gakssss.......................


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