Thursday, August 28, 2008

~DiNnEr DeAnLisT~

there was a dinner for deanlist student last Tuesday... well.. its not really happening as last sem... the food is not so good... can u imagine eating a very "keras" fried ikan siakap... and a very salted "ikan masin".. yeah.. thats the fact tht "ikan masin" shud be salted.. but hell... its ver(10000X)salted... satisfying though.. and plus CS student table is at the middle of the hall .. so we dont hv any freedom to take a lot of photo cause it will grab others attention.. not like last sem... but still i have snap some photos though.. huhuh... so... this sem they only call out 5 student with the highest pointer for every part... part 1,part2,part3,part4 and part 5... i'm want of the 5 in part 2(its refer to last semester) proud... oh yea... there is sumthing unexpected happen tht nite... me and Alin was very shocked to see tht the last person we want to meet in the hall was there... who??? just initial it as 'Z'... huhuhu.. actually he use to befriended with Alin.. hey.. he is our senior.. now he's doing his practical.... he came tht nyte cos last sem he also have an excellent pointer.... so why we dont wish to see him tht nyte??hmm... its bcoz he hurt Alin's heart... he didn't appreciate wht Alin have done to him... he has a very cold heart,selfish bla.. bla.. bla... (i think u can refer to "Menjaga Hati" post if u want to knw wht happen to them)... well the most worst thing is.. he act like he never know ALin.. its very hurtful.. i hate such guy.. huh.... whatever.. get lost with him... i guess thts all for this post... here are some pic

~me + Anugerah Dekan Certificate + Plaque~

~Wit Muh DeaRest Rumate- ALin~

~wiT frienDs~

~WiTh HeaD of ProGram~


NaDya WaLdoRf

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